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For squab and cushion making
Below are average examples of possible squab options. Choose the one that is most like your furniture and hopefully this will give you an approximate price for recovering your existing cushions and squabs or custom making new ones, ( ie. new foam cut to your size and
covered in the fabric of your choice ). The prices below are based on a $50.00 per metre fabric. Foam can be supplied in any thickness, but we suggest a foam thickness between 60mm and 100mm. For a more accurate price please email or post us a description of your squabs, and the measurements. Photos, hand drawn diagrams or paper patterns showing any angles or cutouts are always very helpful.
We have a good selection of hard wearing, well priced fabrics to choose from on our Fabrics Page and are happy to share experience and advice to guide your decision making.

All email enquiries sent during working hours are replied to promptly.

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All prices are $NZ.

Scatter Cushions

Cushions Indoor

For scatter cushion pricing please click here
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Single seat
Seat Cushions

500mm W x 460mm D x80mm Thick
Standard Foam = $36.00 

Fabric .7 m       = $40.00 ( @ $50.00 per metre )

Making             = $40.00 ( Plain seams, with zip )

Total price    =$116.00

Rattan chair
Chair Cushions

Seat 600mm W x700mmD x100mmThick

Back 600mm W x500mmH x100mmThick

Standard seat foam 100mm thick  = $82.00 

Standard back foam 100mm thick = $59.00  

Fabric 1.7 m                                   = $85.00 ( @ $50.00 per metre )

Making                                           = $100.00 ( Plain seams, with zip )

Total price                            = $326.00

Rattan 2 seater & 2 chairs
Seat Cushions Outdoor

Standard foam cost  = $560.00  

Fabric 7.5 metres     = $375.00 ( @ $50.00 per metre )

Making                    = $440.00 ( Plain seams, with zip )


Total price          = $1375.00

Bench Seat squabs
1800mm L x 600mm W x100mmThick

Foam cost                = $210.00

Fabric 2.5 metres     = $125.00 ( @ $50.00 per metre )

Making                     = $95.00 ( Plain seams, with zip )

Total price          = $430.00

Window seat
Window Seat Squab
2400mm L x 600mm W x100mmThick

Standard foam cost  = $280.00 

Fabric 3.6 metres     = $180.00 ( @ $50.00 per metre )

Making                     = $140.00 ( Plain seams, with zip )

Total price          = $600.00


Window seats over 2metres long are best made in two pieces.



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