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Hemptechs collection of fabrics bring a fresh and Sophisticated feel to todays world of interior design.
Hemptech use only natural fibres of Linen, wool, cotton and hemp,to create woven fabrics of wonderful texture, appearance and durability.
  The Hemptech fabrics photographed and displayed on this website are from for use on furniture, squabs and scatter cushions. However the full Hemptech Upholstery and Drapery range is also available for purchase.
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Fabric Hemptech Hemptech Fabric Hemptech Fabric Summertime Fabric Hemptech Fabric Hemptech
Fantails Cows and Couches Summertime     Rings Tolaga Bay

The full Hemptech fabric range and pricing is as follows.
Hemptech - Drapery Range :- Hemptech Upholstery - Range :-  
Arrowtown - $133.00 per metre
Bella - $133.00 per metre
Coastal Images - $98.00 per metre
Fantails - $141.00 per metre
Fitzroy - $143.00 per metre
Hills of Home - $133.00 per metre
Karo Pastel - $133.00 per metre
Karo Spinifex - $133.00 per metre
Cows and Couches - $174.00 per metre
Linen Cotton Collection - $98.00 per metre
Natural Elements Collection - $174.00 per metre
Rings Collection - $194.00 per metre
Simply Stripes Collection - 164.00 per metre
Torino Collection - $153.00 per metre
Urban Hills Collection - $174.00 per metre
Linen Collection - $143.00 per metre

 Kinloch - $133.00 per metre
Light Weight Linen - $92.00 per metre
Modena - $143.00 per metre
Raku - $141.00 per metre
Rings Sheer - $141.00 per metre
Sea Urchins - $133.00 per metre
Summertime - $133.00 per metre
Tolaga Bay - $154.00 per metre
Torino - $153.00 per metre
Toscana - $184.00 per metre

Minimum Order
The minimum order size is 1 metre of each fabric.
When buying more than 1 metre you can buy in 10 centimetre lengths i,e. 1.1 metres or 6.7 metres etc.
To Order please email:-
Please note, the colour may vary, depending on your computer monitor and colour settings.
Phone (06) 8750787

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PO Box 14091

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